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    Exclude unreferenced topics and Baggage not working


      I am having a problem with the Exclude unreferenced topics and Baggage features not working.  Meaning when I do a search all topics display even though they are not in the TOC.


      I even did a simple test.

      1. I created a new TOC with only one topic. 
      2. Created a new BLANK topic.
      3. Created a new WebHelp SSL
      4. Used the new TOC and selected both Exclude options.
      5. Generated the SSL and created a test search using a common word in the other topics.


      Results: Many topics list.


      So I thought maybe there is something funky with my project.


      I opened a RH Sample and had the same result.


      Help!  I need to get this done today, what am I missing?


      Using RH10