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    Page Jumped-to with cross-reference dialog opens off-center


      I have created  end-notes in the draft of a scholarly paper that are hyperlinked to superscript numbers in the body text. This works great, but when I highlight a superscript number and click on the arrow at the bottom of the c-r/hyperlink dialog box, the end-note page doesn't open centered on the screen, where the text page was, but off center. I have to double-click its icon in the page menu to center it, to see it fully amongst all my dialog boxes. Since I'm doing this often to check my work, it becomes tedious to manually center the jumped-to page each time. Is there anything I can do?


      I think it might have something to do with spreads vs. single pages. The master pages icons indicate they are non-spreads but the prompts often refer to "spreads." The document may have started out as spreads. I don't work with multipage Indy docs very often and I find the pagination nomenclature somewhat baffling.


      I'm working on an iMac in Indy CS4. Thanks.