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    Unmarked content exporting a tagged PDF (CS2 vs CS5.5)



      I have problems exporting a tagged PDF using Indesign CS2 and Indesign CS5.5.

      Using the same project:

      - with CS2 the export generates a pdf where the tag tree has some text boxes that are tagged but other aren't. I mean that Adobe Readers Pro 9 shows some tags don't have a text content (in fact the untagged text boxes can be found as "unmarked content"). Some tags appear empty without any reference to the text content.

      - with CS5.5 all text boxes are tagged and exported correctly.


      I discovered that the problem is resolve if, in Indesign, I select the untagged text box and I click the "Clear overrides" button in the Control pane (Object Style section).


      What does it mean?

      Why checking the Accessibility with the option "All content is contained in the document structure" the check doesn't report any errors?


      Thank you