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    Audio preview no longer works correctly since AE-CC update


      Hi everyone.


      Since updating AE CC a couple of days ago (now on on OSX 10.8.5, 2.7GHz i7 16GB RAM, the audio and RAM preview no longer functions correctly.


      The steps I follow are:

      1. Open AE
      2. Open project
      3. Press . to preview audio from where I am on the timeline, OR RAM preview workspace


      What happens is my cursor turns into the wheel of doom for a about 20 seconds, then the playback begins but the audio is sped up which is wrong. Video is correct speed.

      If I stop the audio or RAM preview, then preview again, everything is fine and plays instantly. If a RAM preview loops, then the audio reverts to normal speed.

      I can open up any and all of my different project files and audio previews perfectly and instantly as it should. It's just the first time I press the . key on a freshly opened instance of AE that I get this problem.

      I've tried restarting my mac to no avail, and also changing the pref settings away from what the settings have always been and that doesn't work either. I've even trashed my prefs and that also doesn't work.


      I work exclusively at 25fps. Frame rate for RAM preview is set to auto (25) and changing this from auto to 25 doesn't work.

      Memory settings are default since trashing my prefs, 16GB installed, 4GB for other apps, no checked boxes are ticked.


      Any ideas on what has happened please?