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    Front-to-back order of overlapping MSOs


      Hello experts!


      We have two MSOs sitting on top of each other, and even though we have the back-to-front order (z-axis) correct, one of them insists on always being on top. Please see the illustration below.


      These three buttons activate different MSOs, and it's the top two thay are problematic. The second state of "SHARE" is covered by the first state of "TAP TO ENLARGE", even though it's placed in the right order on z axis ("TAP TO ENLARGE" is behind the "SHARE"). We even tried moving"SHARE" to a new layer above everything, but when tapped it's still covered up by "TAP TO ENLARGE".


      Is there a way to make this work? Of course we could swap the places of these two buttons so that "SHARE" is on top, but this should surely work as we think?