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    In Premier or AE - Multiple Walkers from same person

    preditorj40153117 Level 1

      I have one frame that is stationary. I had model wlak thruought the shot like 6 time dressed differently.


      The effect i am trying to create is her walking behind herself like a line of people.

      There are some shadow changes and it was windy but i do not neccesarily need to get that to match.


      So how do i create this effect? AE? or can it be done Premier?


      In the screen shot the top clip is set to soft light with a croosDis and the bottom is normal.


      I do not want the girl to be ghostly till she reaches far right which i know how to do that.  I was woried about doing a loose matte due to the movement of the leaves on the ground.


      ghost walk.png