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    Can I switch credit cards and upgrade from the "Basic 30 day opt out trial" to the full version?


      It seems the free trial does not allow me to create an HTML web form.  To test the HTML web forms I must pay $0.99 for the 30 opt-out trial...


      I want to test an HTML web form on FormsCentral for a few weeks to "kick the tires".  But I work for a City government that requires leaping through bureauracratic hurdles to purchase online with a credit card.

      So I am considering using my own personal credit card for the trial, and then opting-out. 


      If my testing goes well and once I get the purchase requisition processed by the City bean counters, I plan to re-enroll using the City P-Card as the credit card.




      Can I save the HTML web forms created during the 30 day opt-out trial and somehow transfer them into the new Employer funded FormsCentral account?  Or can I somehow reinstate the original account I opted out of, and apply a different credit card for that account?