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    Final export file size much larger than the estimate WHY?

    mmenz22779 Level 1

      Using Premire Pro cc,


      why does this happen?


      when i get ready to export a file and look at the estimated file size then export it the final size is much larger, like by on average 30-40% larger for example i was ready to export a project and it said estimated file size of 7.7 GB so i queued to to adobe encorder Cs6 and after the encoding the out put size was 11gb


      I understan that the 7.7gb is an estimate but really a nearly 30% differance?


      this is annoying because i am trying to get the file sizes down to around certin sizes so i know what will fit on a DVD and what wont.


      is this normal or is there something else that is happining that i need to look at?


      i just exported it again only in premire (not using encoder) and the file size was the same as it was using encoder