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    Make project fit all screens


      Hi! I'm having trouble making my project fit all screens.


      This is my project link: http://bit.ly/shoppingSMP


      I've made this project 7000px wide - scrollable horizontal - with a fixed object (the shopping cart) to make it feel like you are pushing the cart along the street. I then set height to about 1200 px, to prevent the bottom of the screen to go white.


      I want this project to look good on mobile, iPad, laptop and PC/Mac - both orientations.


      I thought I was in the clear with theese settings, but checking it on a small screen (laptop), the bottom of the stage fell out of the screen. And we can't have that...


      I tried setting the height to 100%, tried having a smaller height (800px) and setting the background color to green, tried hiding and showing the overflow, but I can't seem to hit the perfect settings for this to work.


      My inspiration comes from this project: http://www.futureofcarsharing.com

      Now, this works - as far as I can see - on all screens, both orientations.

      How do I do this? Does anyone know?


      Thanks a lot!

      Best regards, Liv from Norway