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    How do I make rollover slices

    badassdesigner Level 1

      I've been making rollovers in quick and dirty single-image web pages for years by making slices, giving the slice a rollover state and telling Photoshop what to display  in what state and saving the html. I was using a combination of Photoshop and Imageready.


      In CC I have managed to make the slices.


      I can't find info anywhere about how to make my rollovers.


      Could someone please just give me a few quick pointers or tell me where to look. I don't want to make a single small rollover button - I want a large page, sliced up and some of the slices are links and have rollover states.


      I have to say the Adobe help on this is useless: paragraph after paragraph explaining that all this is indeed possible, but not never actually saying how! I quoth...

      Photoshop provides a number of useful tools for creating rollover images:

           Use layers to create primary and secondary images. Create content on one layer, then duplicate the layer and edit it to create similar content while maintaining alignment between layers. [*] When creating a rollover effect, you can change the layer’s style, visibility or position, make color or tonal adjustments, or apply filter effects. See Duplicate layers.


      Done up to [*] then i come to the enigmatic "When creating a rollover effect..." - but how do I do that?!


      Guess what searching for "creating a rollover effect" nets me. Nothing, zilch, nada, bupkiss...


      Sorry about the bold italics and exclams; been on this an hour and a half and I'm a tad frustrated. Thanks for any help.

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          izoot Level 1

          I completely agree with you. I've been able to create and export sliced web docs for years ... up until now.

          As you said the documentation is worthless since it only talks about the obvious things to do for each state

          but then ... nothing. Same with all of the videos I've been able to find on CC ps. This is insane. this a simple

          and valuable thing to have available. So ... can any tell us if we are just missing the obvious or is the ability

          to export rollovers from photoshop to web no longer there?




          Ira Zoot