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    Problems with lighting in After Effects CC using Mavericks

    Jeff Hilliard

      I recently upgraded to Mavericks this week and installed the Adobe patch so that AE CC will work properly. I am having issues in a comp where I have an ambient light placed in the comp with no keyframes throughout the comp. As I scrub through the timeline, the light suddenly shuts off at a specific point in the timeline. When I render the comp into a .mov file, the light is definately shut down at that point with no keyframe.


      In addition, I have added a spotlight to a different comp, moved the start and end of the light to the place I need it. When I scrub through the timeline, the light is coming on about 5 seconds in advance of where I directed it to come on. When I go to a point before the the light is initiated via a keyframe, and the light is on, I click on the "eye" to disable the light and it does shut off. Neither of these were issues in AE CC before Mavericks as far as I am aware.


      Can anyone confirm that they have had a similar issue or is there a known fix yet! Thanks to all of the engineers at Adobe for your amazing assistance!


      Jeff Hilliard

      Compudigital Industries

      Rocklin, CA