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    Please help - is there a way to build a schedule?

    govgirl 123 Level 1

      I am trying to build a form that people can use to request the use of our venue for conferences and I am really having difficulties getting what I want out of either FormsCentral or Acrobat. Each have their own drawbacks, it seems.


      I want the applicants to use  fillable fields to build their proposed 3-4 day agendas so that the responses are standardized into a format that everyone here understands.


      Having the ability to easily insert a time field would be really helpful, so if that functionality is being considered for the future, it gets my vote.


      As it is, I have done a workaround of inserting an "hour" dropdown, a "minute" dropdown, and a "period" dropdown (am, pm, noon, and midnight). In formscentral, though, I can't snug those columns up enough to make them small enough - it takes up too much room.


      Basically, this is kind of what I want:


      Header 1Header 2Header 3Header 4Header 5Header 6
      DateTime FromTime ToArea of UseActivity/PurposeEstimated # of Participants for this activity


      Is there any way of doing this that I am missing?


      I can do the grid in Acrobat if I approach the "time from" and "time to" as 3 separate dropdowns each, but there are so many fields parameters to specify, and Acrobat seems to have a lot fewer functions than I remember LiveCycle having.


      I was hoping that I was missing a beautiful, pre-made FormsCentral template that met all my needs or that someone could brilliantly figure out an elegant solution: I have been buncing back and forth between the two programs for a couple of days trying to find the right solution.