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    iOS Push Notification classes no longer supported in Air 3.8?


      I've asked this yesterday without a reply yet, and i realized i may have phrased that question incorrectly. So, I was trying to use the example code in this tutorial here:




      but Flex (4.6.0 with Flash Builder) will not find and import the following files when i debug in the iOS iPhone simulator, nor will the autocomplete see them. However when i look in the file explorer and navigate to the airglobal.swc i can see the packages and classes in there. The following classes that are not recognized iare listed below:


      import flash.events.RemoteNotificationEvent

      import flash.notifications.NotificationStyle

      import flash.notifications.RemoteNotifier

      import flash.notifications.RemoteNotifierSubscribeOptions


      I triedd to clean the project with no avail. I debug the project and receive the following error: Error #1014: Class flash.notifications::RemoteNotifierSubscribeOptions could not be found.


      I can only guess that Air 3.8 does not support these classes? are there new classes i should be using? I'm completely lost here.