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    Calculation in Adobe Acrobat Pro


      I'm creating a simple order-form for my business.


      I need to assign each option in a drop-down menu for "Quantity" a value; then either add $0 or $10 depending on the option they choose in the "Finishing" drop-down menu (all options add $0 except the last one; which is shown on Screenshot)


      I've attached Screenshot.




      Quantity 1,000 = $30

      IF Client chooses option "Spot UV" , Add $10 to value in quantity.


      Result will show up in Total.


      I'm not great at Javascript, but I'm quite good on picking up on new things, and should be able to tweak whatever you guys give me


      I understand the idea of Field Names, just not sure how to assign each drop-down item a value and create a conditional statement.