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    Adobe Audition 6 and Mackie MCU Pro Control Surface

    alanst2 Level 1

      I have recently opbtained a Mackie MCU Pro Control Surface, for use with Adobe Audition CS6. At first I used it with an HP i7 running Windows 8. It worked like a dream, doing everything that I expected of it. Now, I have plugged it to my Laptop, running Windows 7 Home Premium. Sadly it refuses to respond to any commands in either direction. The PC giives the two-note ackowledgment that the USB is comminucating. However, that's as far as it goes.


      Audition on the laptop knows what's connected and all options offer the USB connected device correctly named. Whatever I do, there is no sign of the Mackie MCU Pro waking up. It just seems to sit there, probably thinking it's a 'fridge or a toaster.


      Has anyone else used this combination and did it work OK? I'm sure I'm mssing something obvious and there's an 'enable' of some sort. Can anyone offer any thoughts?


      Thabk you for your time and help.