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    Western digital is telling me NO to RAID

    Loucann Level 1

      Hi all,

      Ok, so I can't find any data explaining the main differences in their drives,ie, consellation, etc..

      So I looked into WD BLACK. It clearly says.."for PERFORMANCE" & EDITING

      Ok, so I need 3- 4TB drives in RAID0.


      WD said, you need WD RED.  But the specs clearly states that it's for home or small office  crap.

      Is anyone out there using a 3 disk array WD BLACK drives??



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          Richard M Knight Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The WD 'RE' series drives are for Raid. They have the same performance as Black but are opmised for raid. I use reds for my backup Drobo raid but I found they were not fast enough for editing. There are issues of the Blacks going offline when they try to recover an error but this depends on your raid setup and controller.

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            JEShort01 Level 4



            WD Blacks are excellent for RAID 0.


            RAID stands for Redundant Array of Independent Devices and intends that you have redundancy and parity calculations. So, if one drive is lost, your data is not lost. RAID 0 does not have any redundancy at all. Some say it should not even be call RAID, but rather AID, since it does not have any redundancy. Others call it non-RAID!


            Why am I going into all of this explaination? I did this to help explain why the common misconception that WD Blacks (or other "non-RAID" drive models - those drives intended by the manufacturer to be run as a single drive) are not suitable for use in a RAID 0 array is just that - false, a misconception. Unlike true RAID arrays (with redundancy, i.e. RAID 5, RAID 3, RAID 6, etc.), which will drop out a failed or ailing drive from service, a RAID 0 array will never drop out a drive - instead, it wil let ailing drives that are having to do lots of internal "retry" steps to keep going remain active.


            In fact, a drive that is intended for true RAID, may actually be a poor choice for a RAID 0 array! If TLER (time limited error response) tells a drive to report back to the controller that it has failed then your RAID 0 array and all of the data on it are toast (lost, gone).


            Hope this helps!



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              Loucann Level 1

              Yeay I read a few other post that also said that they can be used as a raid.


              I have been shopping all night for the best performance/ cheap priced drives.
              My problem is I have a doucmentry to edit which is  6TB in files. (yes SIX TB)

              So, I don't want to buy a 6 TB raid and fill it to  FULL capacity.

              So I am shopping for either 9 TB or 12 TB RAID )  ( 3 x 4TB= 12)  or  (3 X 3TB = 9TB)


              Hopefully, that should give me enough data speed for editing canon c300  MXF files with multi layers.

              The other problem is my budget is $800.00 bucks.


              So I have been looking into the Constellation ES seagate.

              It;s very fustrating because seagate sells a 3 TB 7200 rpm for 354.00 and also sell a 3TB 7200 rpm  for 199.00

              How the hell am I going to know the difference in performace??


              Thanks for all of your help guys,

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                ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

                The CS series enterprise have more powermanagement similar to the Variable spin rate drives. They also only have a 3 year warranty.


                http://www.seagate.com/internal-hard-drives/enterprise-hard-drives/hdd/terascale-hdd/?sku= ST3000NC002


                If you raid 0 these then backups are critical.