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    Import XML to InDesign


      New to XML in InDesign, I have a few question, so if you only can answer one or two, please do so.


      1. Is there a way to get InDesign to display in the structure the content of the tag, rather than the tag name over and over again?


      2. Can you make a search in the Structure, XML file in InDesign? I know once you have it on the page you can show where it is in the structure, was looking for the same function vice versa.


      3. We get the data from the App developers, and the data is very messy, lots of spaces, returns etc, which seems legit for the digital version, but in InDesign we have to clean all this up, so when we reimport the data every time with updated content, we have to go through and apply all those manual changes again. What wold be the proper way to tackle this?


      4. When we update the XML file later, do we have to update the whole file, or can you specify which section you want to update. Because we do a lot of Typography after inporting, i assume we have to redo this once the XML gets updated.


      5. What happens with all the duplicats? Every time you copy and paste a content group, new XML entries, also when you duplicate a page.


      Thanks, Dimitri

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          Kasyan Servetsky Level 5

          1. Turn on "Show Text Snippets" to display the beginning of text.

          2. Double click an xml-element in the structure pane or right-click and "Go to item"

          3.  You can clean up the text in the layout with grep find-replace queries (there are scripts that allow make a series of queries in one go). And by script it's possible to clean up xml-elements themselves – e.g. remove returns from certain elements

          4. As far as I know, you can only merge or append xml-file. You may want to import xml-file as external link and edit it in another app, but I think you’ll lose formatting in InDesign after updating.

          5. Xml-elements are duplicated as well.

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            octavum Level 1

            Thanks very much for the Info, I will look into those points first thing Monday morning.


            Cheers, Dimitri