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    APE 10 Won't preview .MOV's HELP!


      *sigh, ok so here's my problem. Up to this point I've been able to use MOV's from my DSLR in APE 10, I've done it many times and never had a problem.

      Today however, when I try to either preview my MOV clips or timeline footage in APE10, all I get is the audio. the preview screen stays blank or frozen on one frame while the audio moves on.

      it DOES NOT happen with .avi's that I have tried though.


      I will try to provide all the steps I've taken to resolve it so far, along with any other info I can think of.


      reinstalled APE 10 ---- did it 3 times

      updated APE 10

      updated quicktime

      updated graphics driver

      tried adobe support adviser

      I'm sure I've forgotton something


      PC specs


      intel i7-2600k 3.40ghz

      8gb RAM

      Nvidia 560ti

      windows 7 64bit


      The .MOV's I'm using

      1280x720 60 frames/second shot using a canon 60D DSLR


      any input you can give me would be great. I really need this to work soon so I can finish a video for my business.