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    No Audio File in Premiere Pro CS6


      I have a Sony NX30. I use the sony media importer to get the files on my computer and then use the files in Premiere Pro CS6. Everything works fine.


      I have a new desktop computer. Same windows OS. I installed the exact same sony media importer and the exact same Premiere Pro CS6. But on the new computer, when I import a video (using the sony media importer) there is no sound in Premiere Pro. Not even an audio file. Just the video file.


      Here is what I learned while trouble shooting:


      • I can play the video files using the windows media player and I can hear the sound. The sound is there.


      • I tested some older video files previously imported on my old computer and they worked just fine on the new computer. I could hear the sound and there was a sound file in Pr.


      • The files I originally tried to import onto the new computer (that had no sound in Pr CS6) I imported on the old computer and they played just fine in Pr.


      • The newly imported files on the old computer will not play sound when I try them on the new computer (I put the files on an external hard drive and move them on the new computer.)


      • FYI: the sony media importer has no settings, you just click import amd it works.There are no options to change anything.


      Anybody have a clue what could be the problem?