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    Indesign crashing..

    IanThompsonUK Level 1

      I'm currently using CS6 and I'm experiencing multiple crashes when using Indesign.  I use a PC with 16gb RAM and a NVIDIA Quadro FX1800 graphics card, which was working fine until recently.  I've re-downloaded from Adobe but this has not resolved the problem. 


      With a deadline fast approaching, can anyone help?

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          What changed recently?


          have you tried trashing the prefs? see Replace Your Preferences

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            IanThompsonUK Level 1

            Hi Peter, and thank you for your quick reply.


            My PC rebooted earlier in the week and installed a number of windows updates when it restarted.  Although this didn't cause any immediate problems, this is the only thing that has changed.


            I did delete the Preferences when this first happened, which appeared to help at first, but the problem came back late yesterday - prompting a re-download of the software from Adobe, which unfortunately did not help.


            The situation now is that I can open ID if I do not select the recovery option but the software crashes when I try to make 'big changes' (I dared to cut and paste earlier, which crashed the software immediately).


            The file I am desperate to complete is 1.86gb but this has not really changed since creating it last year and updating many times in recent months.


            Any other suggestions?

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              Do you really mean 1.86 gb ? That's HUGE for a .indd file and most likely indicates some sort of file corruption, or a whole lot of native drawn or pasted vector art. Try exporting the file to .idml and resave with a new name. See Remove minor corruption by exporting


              And it's safe to empty the InDesign Recovery folder in your user profile. The recovery data sounds corrupt as well, and if you don't have anythnig inthe folder autorecovery will not kick in.

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                IanThompsonUK Level 1

                Hi Peter and thanks again for your support.


                I'm unfamiliar with .idml format so thanks for that.  The file in question is our master catalogue file and has a lot of graphical content and photographs.  If I export to .idml as you suggest, will the file continue to be editable and will we be able to convert to PDF when we are ready to go to print?


                That aside, the problems I have been experiencing are not only affecting this file.  Sometime I am unable to open Indesign from my start menu - crashing before I am able to create a blank document.


                Kind regards



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                  Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                  .idml files can be opened and resaved as editable .indd files (they open as "untitled"). They behave inside ID the same as a regular .indd file for editing and export.


                  Is ID patched to the 8.0.2 version? Did you uninstall before reinstalling, and did you remove the prfs during the uninstall (that's an option, and not the default). If you haven't replaced the prefs immediately before the reinstall, or after, I would do it again. You may also have a font problem of some sort. See Troubleshoot font problems | Windows


                  Or it could be something else entirely... Intermittent issues are the hardest to track down.