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    Simple but advanced signature stamp :)


      PDF stamp.jpg

      Im looking for a solution to add a stamp with signature. I have ssen many solutions on this on the web but they are based around an imagefile of your signature.

      Im looking for a solution where I will have to sign/draw my signature everytime i choose to use this stamp.


      So basically what i need:


      1. Select the "custom stamp tool" on a toolbar in acrobat reader.

      2. Inputbox 1 appears:  ENTER YOUR NAME.

      3. Inputbox 2 appears:  Sign.  (DRAW YOUR SIGNATURE)

      4. Place your stamp into the PDF.


      Im trying to make the digital signature process as simple and similar to "analog signature" as possible.


      Is this something that is easy to implement? Do we need Flash?


      All help and comments are appreciated. Thank you!