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    flash player for android 4.2.2 and 4.3

    KamYk Level 1



      why there is no flash player for newer/est versions of android.. apparently contacted SAMSUNG about it and they put the blame on ADOBE saying


      "...Adobe have not released any updates for any of their Android apps for quite some time now. We have not received an official press release from Adobe concerning the issue so we don't know if there is going to be an updated version released any time soon..."


      so my question is what do adroid users have to do in order to have a flash player on their 4.2.2 or 4.3? (option) so crucial in making a decision about buying ADROID phone...


      i switched 2years ago from iOS to ADROID ONLY because of the flash player option...


      and yes.. i know there is an option of installing old version of flash and then using a BOAT BROWSER.. but what is teh point?!


      CHROME originally installed in new versions of the ADROID OS does not have flash eventhough the destop one works fine....



      can anyone elaborate on that? It would be REALLY nice if sb from ADOBE could explain a bit of the mystery.........



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          Mike M Level 6

          KamYk wrote:




          why there is no flash player for newer/est versions of android.

          To put it as plainly as possible: ANDROID dropped all support of Flash last Summer. Their reasoning was (as Apple's when they desinged iOS in 2006) that playing Flash content is extremely processor consumptive and kills batteries prematurely in Android devices.  When Android dropped all support, Adobe ended all development fo Flash Player for Android.


          See: "Why can't I install Flash Player on my Tablet?" (Kindle or Samsung Galaxy) for the text from chats I had with Google and Samsung regarding this. There are links there about Dolphin and one to the Andsroid supoort forums where people cna advise on how to view Flash content with alternative browsers.

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            scottishwildcat Level 1

            Android didn't drop the support, Adobe did.

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              Mike M Level 6



              Begging to differ:

              The following is from Samsung Support (07/31/2013):

              "Beginning August 15, 2012 we will use the configuration settings in the Google Play Store to limit continued access to Flash Player updates to only those devices that have Flash Player already installed. Devices that do not have Flash Player already installed are increasingly likely to be incompatible with Flash Player and will no longer be able to install it from the Google Play Store after August 15th, 2012."


              And from Kindle Support (07/31/2013):

              "The Amazon Silk web browser on Kindle Fire 1st Generation supports some, but not all, versions of Flash. Adobe Flash is pre-installed on a 1st Generation Kindle Fire and is disabled by default.

              If you see a message to install Flash while using your Kindle Fire, this means that the content you're attempting to view uses Flash. If you want to view the content, you'll need to enable Flash through the Silk settings menu.

              If a web page suffers from slow performance due to Flash, or you're unable to view a web page with Flash enabled, we recommend switching to mobile view when browsing a Flash-heavy website to see if that solves your problem:

              Some popular websites may also have an app available. Check Amazon Appstore, accessible through the Apps library on your Kindle Fire, for availability.

              The Amazon Silk web browser on Kindle Fire 2nd Generation, Kindle Fire HD 7", and Kindle Fire HD 8.9" doesn't support Flash.

              Some sites use alternative web technologies to Flash in their mobile versions. We recommend switching to mobile view when browsing a website with Flash content to see if that solves your problem:

              Some popular websites may also have an app available. Check Amazon Appstore, accessible through the Apps or Games library on your Kindle Fire, for availability."


              Adobe continued to develop and release security updates for the older versions of Flash Player for Android 1, 2, and 3 that WERE compatible with it, until September 10, 2013. That's fourteen months AFTER Android said, "We won't support it anymore."

              Android dropped support for Flash and it made no sense for Adobe to continue to develop a product for an OS that doesn't support it.

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                Fotofella Level 1

                I too have looked into this and indeed it is indicadive that Adobe has dropped Flash player support for both Linux and Android systems. It is stated clearly in the Android magazines and Magbooks as well as many websites that Adobe have ceased to support the Android system.

                So...... Google have removed it altogether from their Googleplay but you can download the Dolphin browser from Googleplay.You can install the Dolphin browser on your Android device that will run Flash Player and allow you to access Flash websites.


                I do find it difficult to believe that Android systems would drop any kind of support that would seriously affect the product sales of the devices it is installed on. It would be like cutting your own throat. Adobe are resposible for writing the software for all the devices and so I do believe that they have just not written anymore Flash Player support for Android. It must surely only be a case of writing it for the required device/OS rather than Android making it Flash Player compatible?


                Below are two websites (I recommend the first one XDA) that will indeed verify Adobe's actions and hopefully supply you with some kind of usable solution.





                http://http://howto.cnet.com/8301-11310_39-57554629-285/install-adobe-flash-player-on-jell y-bean-devices/

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                  scottishwildcat Level 1

                  Working at Sun at the time, I was liasing with Adobe on the Solaris version of the Flash player when they announced that they were dropping support for the Linux, Solaris and Android versions all at roughly the same time (all those versions shared basically the same codebase). Google may have helped to expedite that decision behind the scenes, I have no idea, but in public at least it was Adobe's decision.

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                    Mike M Level 6


                    June 2012, Google announced they were dropping support for Flash in all versions of Android higher than 4.0
                    August 2012, Google stopped access to Flash Player in the GooglePlay store for all Android devices running 4.0 or higher.

                    September 2012, Adobe announced it would no longer develop new versions or update Flash Player for Android, except for necessary security patches.

                    May 2013, google ended all access to Flash Player in the GooglePlay store, referring users who needed to replace it in older devices, to Adobe's archive page.

                    September 2013, Adobe ended updating security patches for Android Flash Player.


                    Android (Google) initiated the dropping of support, and they cited the same reason that Apple used for not making iOS compatible. Users drained their batteries frequently, and saw a drastically premature reduction in battery life when they used their mobile device for playing Flash content. That's the reason they started pushing people to Dolphin and Puffin, which use "server side rendering" to reduce the load on the mobile device.


                    Adobe may have publicly announced it, but it was initially Google's decision.


                    It's a moot point who started it. Fact is, there's no Flash Player for Android, and the server side browsers Google recommends are the best solution.

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                      Fotofella Level 1

                      I too was looking to get a Nexus 7 myself and so went onto a comparison site that pitted the Nexus 2012 version against the Nexus 2013 version. There were a few pluses for the 2013 version but I coould get the 32GB 2012 version £60 cheaper so I went for that. But before doing so I came across another review forum where a buyer was also complaining about no Flash on the 2013 version, and that disturbed me when I found out it was no longer being supported. A reply to that user stated quite simply "because it's not on the device..... it doesn't mean that you cannot have it on the device" He went on to explain about XDA and Dolphin/Puffin browsers.


                      You are quite right Mike about flash being heavy on the battery usage, but unfortunately it's not the main cause of the battery usage. It's because of the wireless connection which drains the battery on mobile devices. I have an Android phone running flash and in the phones instruction book (Samsung Galaxy SII) it states that wireless connection will significantly drain the devices battery and a much longer battery life will be attained by using your sim card internet allowance. It is indeed true as when I connect by wireless, my phone battery runs down significantly quicker. Most people own a standard tablet which has no sim slot so their device will be at the mercy of wireless only connection unless they are able to use moble thethering through their phone.


                      As far as your chronology goes Mike, you have stated that Google annouced they would no longer support Flash in June 2012 with Adobe announcing the same in September 2012. Unfortunately Adobe annouced that they were no longer supporting the mobile chrome browser with flash in November 2011. This was then reported in the February 2012 edition of computerworld magazine stating what Adobe had said. It is no wonder that Android discontinued support of Flash when the option had already been taken from their hands.This had also obviously been going on for some time during 2011.


                      I would agree with you Mike about it being a moot point if it wasn't for the fact that it is us buyers who spend many millions on these devices (and lets face it no matter how much or how little we earn in our employments...... we still all buy these devices) and would just like to know who is supporting us the user!

                      Looking at the top ten review recently, the new Nexus sat rated third, only beaten by the new Ipad Air and Ipad Mini - both significantly more expensive but barely any better than the Nexus. Eight of the top ten tablets were Android driven.


                      I have seen people state "good riddance to Flash as it is so troublesome" and HTML5 is a much more reliable and better option. I know that flash upgrades have given my wife much trouble with her Facebook games on her laptop as it has with other Facebook users, so where HTML5 comes in I don't know - I know nothing about it. All I do know is that everyone just wants and needs to be able to use their tablets for the same purposes as their laptops. So it's about time that device manufacturers and programmers got together and gave us something that does work, after all our purchases give them their lifestyle, they need to get it sorted.


                      As for Dolphin/Puffin browsers, they load and run the webpages but struggle with the Facebook games.



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                        Mike M Level 6


                        There's a difference between Flash video, Flash animations and Flash games.

                        Video can be done with HTML5 (simply put, an MP4 version). No plugin required, just a browser newer than 2010.

                        Flash animations still require the plugin, and games require not only the plugin, but the Shockwave plugin too, to run properly.

                        Ad a web designer I welcomed the HTML5 rollout a few years back. It meant that alot of stuff I was doing with Flash could now be eliminated from my workflow. No more converting videos to FLV.

                        And since no phones support Flash, I stopped even making animations with Flash. It meant learning some advanced techniques with Fireworks, to do some pretty cool animations with GIFs, but my sites are 100% mobile compatible now. In 2007 it was hard to imagine that the majority of people on the web would be on phones, but that's the way things go. I'd venture a guess that by 2020, the majority of connections will be in cars. Honda and Ford are already releasing models with Internet capabilities for navigation and communications.

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                          Fotofella Level 1

                          Hey Mike......


                          Great to hear back. I must admit that having started my computing back with the Sinclair Spectrum then moving into the old 286 then 386 computers it's amazing how far we've come as I sit here in bed typing this out on my Nexus.

                          You're quite right with the points you made, the advancements being made are incredible although some people believe that peoples needs are being manufactured by the arrival of these devices.

                          All I know is that we need a set standard for how the software works. I don't really play games as photography is my interest but I do like battle pirates on Facebook and when you're away from home like my wife and I are at times, it's just nice to have something to amuse yourself with in the evening and the Facebook games won't play on here. Can they be converted to HTML5 in time do you think?



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                            Mike M Level 6

                            The biggest obstacle is the "interactivity" that Shockwave affords. Covnerting videos is easy. It's simply a matter of playback through a different method. The embed code holds the same parameters as a Flash container, so only the video needs changing.


                            Having clickable links in a game requires ActionScript, which HTML5 (MP4 video) can't handle. It'll be awhile before Flash games are replaced with something that's "universal".

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                              Godson66 Level 1

                              I have the latest Adobe Flash Players on my HTC One (4.3) and my ASUS TF700 (4.3) and my ASUS TF201 (4.1)..... I'm having no problems with it...  This is the link to the latest version....  Adobe still supports the player with bug and security updates.... Jus no more development for Android.... None of my devices are rooted.... and flash is wishing jus fine!


                              http://download.macromedia.com/pub/flashplayer/installers/archive/android/ all_flash_player_ics.apk

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                                Mike M Level 6

                                Godson66 wrote:


                                I have the latest Adobe Flash Players on my HTC One (4.3) and my ASUS TF700 (4.3) and my ASUS TF201 (4.1)..... I'm having no problems with it...

                                ....  Adobe still supports the player with bug and security updates....


                                NO... You DON'T have the "latest" Flash Player... (you have [nearly 2 yrs old] - the "latest" is - your version is four builds behind that and it won't ever get any newer)

                                and... Adobe DOESN'T still support Flash Player for Android with security updates. From the Archive page: (http://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player/kb/archived-flash-player-versions.html)

                                "On September 10 2013, Adobe released Flash Player for Android 2.x and 3.x and for Android 4.0.x in keeping with statements made in Adobe's publicly available Flash Roadmap. This release is the final update release of Flash Player for the Android operating system."


                                In other words, There will be no more Flash Player updates for Android. Google has two (2) "serverside rendering" browsers for people who MUST view Flash content with their Android device. "Dolphin" and "Puffin" are both free in the GooglePlay store.


                                Appreciate your trying to help, but giving FALSE information... doesn't help.

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                                  RepetCanuck Level 1

                                  Is it just possible that Microsoft is paying Adobe mucho dinero to NOT provide an android version?

                                  Just asking.