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    Kuler is (STILL) not working in Adobe CS4!!!

    FXSN-Antonio Santos

      I want to use the Kuler extension and it's not working in my Creative Suite Design Premium CS4.


      • Please don't refer me to the site with the RegEdit thing, I've already tried that (activate the Online Services) and it's still not working.

      • My antivirus is not blocking the access to internet to any CS4 program, either...

      • I don't want to open an internet explorer and go to the website, I want to use it """"INSIDE""""" the programs.


      It's not working in Photoshop (32bit), Photoshop x64, Illustrator, ... , ... , ...


      Kuler is just still NOT WORKING, since months!!!

      Please, I want a solution, it is """"urgent"""".


      Thank you.