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    How do I merge/blend 2 layers to move and track together


      Hi, I am new to after effects trying to learn it off online tutorials so please help me with exactly what I have to click on very precise and I presume I know nothing! (as I know little)I have CS6


      I have an old man whose eyes are slitty and so I have created a white with a layer and feathered it round his wrinkles and it looks ok.  I can add mask track to this in ae and also track it in mocha

      I have an iris import clip that I then need to add to the white.  It is in .png.

      I cannot make a mask path appear on the layer information to the left of the screen so the iris dances about and can't be tracked.


      How do I blend the white mask layer and the iris layer so they move as one?   Do I put them together then track them togethr in mocha?


      I have spent a day on this trying to figure it.  On top of that I would also like to clone an eyelid half open so that I can put this on top of white layer, iris layer and then eyelid and track all together. But if possible the white and iris moving together would be enough.


      In the instructions on youtube I have also found that when I hit 3d little cube icon I get a black background on the iris and not the old mans face how do I get rid of that?


      This is for a man who gets wolf eyes in the film.  Would it be easier to get some wolf eyes in photoshop and stick those on? the clip is just 4 secs long


      Please very slow clear instructions I would be so grateful

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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          There is an eye replacement tutorial at Video Copilot that you should probably look at.


          However, to answer your specific question, you should be able to parent the irises to the whites.


          However, before you jump too far ahead of yourself and get frustrated, you should really start here. These resources are intended for someone new to AE to give them a solid foundation in the important, fundamental things about AE (and they would have answered your question).

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            Savvylumino Level 1

            Hi, The video copilot is very helpful, I have looked at a lot of eye videos this

            is a good one.  However I have parented the iris to the white eye layer and it

            does not move with the eye.  Also I cannot bring mask up despite clicking m and

            highlighting  the iris layer, what should i do? So I cannot track it either

            separately.  Is it the tracking that is wrong or  a corruption in the eye iris

            file or am I missing something small? Is there another way to make a mask part

            to the layer? or should I make another layer then bring the iris in on top of

            it?  Thanks

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              You need to give us a screenshot at least. If you parent one layer to another and moving the parent does not move the child then that layer has an effect applied to it that generates pixels based on the comp window and not the layer. We need to know all about your composition. The best way to do that is to select all your layers, press the U key twice to reveal everything that is changed on the layer, show us all of the layers you are having problems with on in your composition and then take a screenshot. use the little camera icon at the top of the reply box to upload the full size screenshot and give us a look.

              Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 8.15.48 AM.png

              If the popup does not appear to work try it again. Sometimes the script does not completely run but opeing the upload image pop-up almost always works perfectly on the second try.


              Put your project up for us to see and we can help.

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                Savvylumino Level 1

                Hi I have included a screen shot, hope this helps.  I can see on the video copilot how to add a shadow around the eye which will make it more realistic and I know how to cut abit off the round eyeball bit if only I could get it to stick to the white part.


                I am not sure if I have added the screen shot right I just uploaded and then pressed insert but nothing happened, where can you see if it is inserted in this email?