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    Javascript to add "Specify Open Preference" dialog when linking with "Go to a page view"


      Hi, all!


      We're needing to file a brief with the Court.  Within our .pdf brief, we link to exhibits and transcripts.


      For the exhibits, we hyperlink using "open a file," because going to the first page of the exhibit is fine.  Here, after selecting our file, we're given the "Specify Open Preference" dialog, where you can either (a) go with the user's setting, (b) mandate opening the link in the same window or (c) mandate opening the link in a new window.  This is perfect -- we always want a new window.


      However, for the transcripts, we need it to go to a particular page, so we use "Go to a page view."  This works fine, except that it ALWAYS and ONLY goes with the user preference.  We want it to ALWAYS and ONLY open in a new window, so the Court can close the destination and be in the same place in the Source doc.  I realize they can set their preference or use "return to previous view," but we can't really communicate that.


      Is there a javascript -- or a plug-in we can purchase -- or anything -- that will somehow allow us to fix "Go to a page view" to open in a new window?


      Thank you so much for your thoughts and help!