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    Creating adjacent items in a single line


      I have been trying to create adjacent items on the same line, but on my form there is no small box with the plus sign to the right of each item. When I right-click, the only option for adding something is "Insert Item Above". What can I do to get several items on the same line?

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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee

          There are two possible reasons for this:

          1) There are a few fields that cannot be side by side in a row - Attachment, Rating Scale, Line and New Page.  These items won't display the "+" to the right and will not have "Add Beside" in the context menu.

          2) If you are using the FormsCentral desktop application bundled with Acrobat Pro XI and you have not signed in or updated the application it could be an old version from before the side by side fields feature was introduced.  If you are using the desktop applicaiton make sure you have the latest version by signing in, or going to "Help" - "Check for updates" and updating the application.




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