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    Photoshop to Web - Color Help Please


      Hey everyone,
      I've got a question regarding color in Photoshop and the web. The problem I'm having is with exporting images from Photoshop to the web. When the images come from Lightroom, they're set to open in Photoshop as sRGB. The color settings in PS are set to "North American General Purpose 2". When I go to "Save for Web", the settings are set to this:


      The below image is the Save for Web box with the Safari window on top of it. I don't understand why the color is so different in the safari window than it is in PS. I know that if I change the preview to "Monitor Color" instead of "Use Document Profile" it will match, but it's not the color I see in Lightroom from the start. It's much more saturated.




      My monitor calibration settings are standard. (2.2, 120, 6500)


      Can anybody tell me why this is happening and how to prevent it?


      Thank you!