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    Targeting the stage from within a nested symbol

    Evert Krooswijk Level 1

      I'm trying to build an interactive 'powerpoint-ish' presentation in EA.


      I've based parts of the funtionality of off the 'ArticleBrowser' template. I build the different 'slides' as unique symbols. Each symbol has an invisible button on top that 'listens for' swipeLeft and swipeRight to play the timeline forward and reverse, stopping at certain points on the timeline.


      What I want is that at the end of 'slide-1' it tells the content-div to play 'slide-2'. I've tried to add this piece of code to a trigger at the end of the timeline, but it doesn't seem to do anything. When you swipeLeft it just loops back to it's own timeline:


      // Empty content container


      // Create symbol for article

      sym.getComposition().getStage().sym.createChildSymbol("slide-2", "content");


      I have some buttons on the stage itself (on top of the content-div) that DO work with this 'onClick' code (which was copied straigth of the 'ArticleBrowser' template):


      // Empty content container


      // Create symbol for article

      sym.createChildSymbol("slide-2", "content");


      Any ideas where i'm going wrong with this?


      Thanks in advance,


      Evert Krooswijk