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    Anchored objects not staying in place when non-auto leading used




      I use these anchored objects all the time with no problem when my surrounding paragraph leading is set to Auto and I have Anchored Object Options set to INLINE, OFFSET 0. It's simple. Everything aligns and the anchored object doesn't cover up any of the surrounding paragraphs.


      However, if I change the surrounding text leading to 10/13, for example, my anchored text box objects jump all over the place. Is there any way I can use non-auto leading for surrounding paragraphs and use the simple INLINE, OFFSET 0 option for the Anchored Objects and have the Anchored Objects never cover up any surrounding text?


      To fix the problem, I'm having to set the Anchored Object Options to INLINE, Anchored Object Text wrap to JUMP OBJECT, and drag the Anchored Object down until it locks to the line above the text under it (putting the Y offset to –1.4409). And that is not very accurate. (inconsistent spacing between the anchored object and text over and under it).


      This is driving me nuts.


      Thank you!




      Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 12.45.26 PM.png