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    AS2 button actions not working

    Uncle Dukie

      I've created a dropdown menu movie clip, and I want the various buttons in the dropdowns to link to various Scenes.


      When I test the movie the dropdown menus perform as intended, and the buttons appear to have rollover states, but they do not link to my additional Scenes.


      I have gone into the movie clip containing the buttons, and given the buttons instace names, and then added the following AS2 script to go to the next scene, but it does not work:

      displayB_btn.onRelease=function() {

          gotoAndStop("Scene 2",1);


      In a nutshell, I cannot move beyond Scene 1.


      I have tried making the instances movie clips rather than buttons, but that has created its own problems.


      Hope someone can help.


      Thanks in advance.