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    Clone Stamp refuse to work in CS5.1 on Mac OS X


      I am using PS 5.1.  The cloning stamp tool has never worked. 


      If I alt/opt and click to attempt to select my source for cloning it does nothing.  There are no presets on the cloning stamps and all settings are at zero. 


      I am running a MAC OS X recently updated system.  I use a MS compatible wireless key board.  All other PS short cuts works with this key board and always have I just have to use the PC short cuts.  The only item changed in preferences for CS 5.1 is the way my mouse is display with crosshairs. 


      This has not been an factor until now and that is because I am just now learning how to work in PS with all my images.  Please tell me how I can fix this issue.


      As a photographer it is vital to my post processing.


      Thank you for your time.