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    RHCL (RoboHtml -p doesnt work when invoked remotely


      I am able to successfully build a project from the command line. I want to also publish the HTML output to a website.


      When logged onto the build PC, I go to the folder where my RH project resides and I enter a command like this:


      "C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe RoboHelp 9\RoboHTML\RHCL.exe" "MyProject.xpj" -p "MyServer:MyLogin:MyPassword" -g rh.log


      The above command appears to work perfectly. Now, I have a CI (Jenkins) that I need to be able to invoke the above command from as part of a bigger build process. The EXACT same command above, when invoked from the CI (on a different PC) does not work. The help compiles just fine; no problems there. The problem is the publishing to the website, that fails. When reviewing the log I see the following at the end of the log:



      Finished applying Template in 1 sec(s)

      Finished applying WebHelp in 16 sec(s)

      Compilation complete.

      Warning: Failed to publish to "MyServer". reason; The login request was denied.



      Tests Done:

      - Copy/paste the command from Jenkins to the local command prompt and everything works perfectly.

      - place the 3 parameters (site, login, password) within quotes, and without quotes = same result



      Anybody have any ideas? Thanks in advance!