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    Wireframing: Illustrator or InDesign?

    wkjeiwoi Level 1

      I am beginning to do web page/UX wireframing at a much more serious level these days. I have a long history with Illustrator and respect its power.


      However..when it comes to handling type and objects consistently, I find that InDesign is the winner.


      in InDesign, you can change the size of a box with an outline and corner radius without also scaling the corner radius; it takes more steps to both scale a box without altering a corner radius in AI.


      For type-handling, InDesign is orders of magnitude better than AI.


      However..I am not a seasoned Wireframing pro, so I'm very interested in hearing those who are experienced wireframers weigh in on this question...


      Which tool do you prefer to use for wireframing, and why?


      I'm cross-posting this same content in the Illustrator forum as well..


      Thank you!