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    Shockwave flash object add-on slowing down Internet Explorer



      Greetings for the day.


      Have you guys ever heard that the Shockwave flash object add-on is slowing down IE? I noticed this happens in all IE versions and it doesn't matter which OS you are using. I am a technician myself and I work for AT&T Connectech and experienced this issue on different computers a hundred times at least. With the shockwave add-on enabled, IE will take more than 5-10 minutes just to load Google website or it will not at all. The cursor will just keep spinning. If we go to add-ons and disable Shockwave Flash Object, everything will load as it is supposed to.
      However, if we disable shockwave add-on, the user will no longer be able to play any online videos or do anything that required flash player. I have tried reinstalling Adobe Flash Player with its different versions and none helped. Sometimes, downgrading the Internet Explorer would correct the problem. In most instances it too failed.


      If you guys have any information on this and how to resolve it, please mail me.


      Thanks and regards
      Jins Joseph



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