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    Editing duplication


      I am trying to duplicate the editing on this picture, but I have very little experience with photoshop. Could someone look at the unedited (top) compared to the edited (bottom) and tell me what might have been done to achieve the edited effects?


      (photos removed at request of poster)



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          Chuck Uebele Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It looks like they did some basic work with curves to increase the contrast and brighten up the image.  They most likely used another adjustment layer that was masked to blow out the bg.  Same thing with the eyes: they were lightened.  The skin was retouched: so many ways to do this.  They could have used a skin smoother plug-in, or did some dodging and burning, or created a frequency separation.  Minor blemishes were retouched either with clone stamp or spot healing brush - this could be don with the frequency separation also.

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