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    Error messages


      Whenever I try downloading my ebooks I bought from eharlequin.com I received  an error message saying licence has already been fulfilled by another user . What can I do to fix this ?

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          sjpt Level 4

          You must make sure that your Digital Editions (ADE) is authorized with the same ID that was used to buy the books.


          Most vendors just use the generic Adobe ID.

          You can find your currently registered ID by ctrl-shift-I (probably cmd-shift-I on Mac) to ADE.

          menu/Library/Authorize Computer on the older more reliable v1.7.2


          If the registration isn't correct, ctrl-shift-D (cmd-shift-D on Mac) will deregister.

          You then need to register with the correct ID.


          Some vendors use Adobe DRM mechanism with their own vendor id/password.

          I'm not quite sure what the use has to do to get that registration correct.

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            Mr Nif Level 1

            where do i do cntrl shift l  ?????


            when i try to erase authorisation it tells me my current password isnt the right one.  what to do??