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    Is the motion editor unstable for other people too?

    mmgcge Level 1

      Flash Pro CS6 v12.0.2.529, Windows 7, i3 CPU, NVidia GTX 560 GPU, 8Gb Ram, No other unusual programs running.


      I am trying to manipulate a movie clip symbol in a motion tween via the motion editor. I'm adjusting a custom ease curve for X and Y positions as well as adjusting the curves of the Scale X and Scale Y lines directly in the motion editor area for these. I wanted to shorten the length of the motion tween so I cut the clip towards the end.


      The problems then began when I started trying to adjust something on either the X and Y postions or the scaling. As soon as I clicked on anything in the motion editor, the motion editor would revert back the the blank motion editor screen with the message "To edit properties, select a tween span in the timeline or a tweened object in the document". I then select the symbol and go to adjust something and then before long it reverted back to the blank motion editor screen again.


      Then it starts crashing as soon as I try and do something like adding another keyframe on the Scaling X or Y lines in the motion editor.


      I have not used Flash for very long but I have made a number of different kinds of movements with the symbol so far in this animation without any problems, but I have not played with the motion editor alot so far in this way.


      I keep going back to previous saves and intially I can then do things like add new keyframes in the motion editor and adjust beziel handles etc but then keep running into the same problem again.


      I want to keep this simple. Can a few people please give me a general feel for how stable or unstable the motion editor is for them?


      Thank you.