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    Mouseover/out Buttons Getting "Stuck"

    neohtom Level 1

      I am trying to create some simple animated buttons with mouseover effects. However, I noticed that they are getting "stuck" if I mouseover/mouseout of them too fast. The example files are below.




      I saw another thread on here, that seems like it might have the solution to my problem, but when I try the example code with my layout, the buttons don't animate at all. The thread I'm referring to is:




      As of right now, I was just using the built in code snippets for Play From, for both the mouseover and mouseout state, playing from the start of the timeline to the "up" state label when someone mouses over a button, then stopping. Then for the mouseout, I use a Play From to play from the "up" state to the "down" state which is the end of the timeline. But if I mouseover or out while it is in the middle of an animation, it seems to screw things up. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.