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    How do I remove Alt,Ctrl and Alt+Ctrl (Alt Gr) modifiers completely?




      It's driving me completely nuts, as the place I work at recently upgraded their PS version to CS6 and basically rendered my Intuos 4 completely useless because of the damn Alt/Ctrl modifier, which seems to control the "drag to create a copy of the layer function" regardless of the tool you're using.


      It might be specific for my region, but Alt+Ctrl or Alt Gr modifer is used in order to reach certain keystokes, such as ], [, @, so when by default the brush size function on my wacom is linked to a "[" (alt+ctrl+f windows function), my tablet completely flips out and starts sending a mix of Alt, Ctrl and Alt + Ctrl function controls instead of the [ which I'm trying to use.


      Alt + w/e functions work just fine, but I can't use any modifer using the alt+ctrl+w/e combo that involves creating a symbol, even while using the keyboard. For example, I can use the alt+ctrl+z command to undo something, but if I linked my brush tool to a "§", which is invoked by calling the alt+ctrl+m windows command, it will act as a normal ctrl + m command and open the curves window.



      Is there any way around it, as I don't remember experiencing this in CS5, I might try the trial version of the Photoshop CC to see if the issue persist.



      Thank you for feedback.