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    Problem with image path names


      We have a website created in CF4.5 and is hosted on our own server, call it www.oldsite.com  A vendor created a new website which is hosted at another location and it uses the same name and the DNS info was updated so this new site has the same name and now runs when our oldsite name is used.


      The vendor created a new name - "legacy.oldsite.com" and pointed to our old IP address at our office and serverfor the origonal site.  We have lots of customer support info on the old site and wanted customers to be able to find these docnuments.  When we type "legacy.oldsite.com" we land on an index.cfm page one folder above the orogional index.cfm rathee rthan the old index.cfm page.  I have added a tag to this page to go to the correct index.cfm page.  But the problem now is that all the images on the site and the documents are missing or will not download.  When I look at the path of these images and documents, some images start with Http://www.oldsite.com/etc"  some are "http://legacy.oldsite.com/path" (In this case some folder name is missing in the path so it does not work).  So it looks like the path is coded somewhere?  I see no other way that the www.oldsite.com path could be read any other way.  So does anyone have may ideas where I mightbe able to fix this issue and get the old site to load images and documents?