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    Need help building a video photo editing rig.


      Hi all i want to build a pc to edit my wedding movies and photos that i go out and shoot and make, and beause of this its all HD and my current pc can not keep up

      : i3 8gb ram 50hdd its fairly consumer.


      which is why i need to know what key componants to use. i will mainly be using After Effects , Photoshop and Lightroom among few others.


      i would need a lot of disc space and something to let me render very fast


      so far i have though to look for an i7 4470k 32gb ram 120ssd for os install and a 2-4 gb graphics card but not sure on any of the componants.


      am i in the right direction.


      My Budget is £1600 ($2560)


      thanks in advance for help