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    Character override in Table of Contents and Index

    KH Allstars

      Am using a Stone Sans Open Type phonetic font for several characters in headings and in index markers. When Table of Contents or Index generates, the phonetic characters are not displaying in the override font. All characters display in the base font, and the characters that have the phonetic font override display as errors. Have tried using a Character Style in the heading to change those characters (and making sure the same Character Style is in the Index document), and have tried using manual overrides to change those characters. Same results. Any suggestions?

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          Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          @KH Allstars – What kind of error do you see displayed? Missing glyphs?


          One possible solution would be a GREP Search/Replace or a GREP Style, that is applying the right Character Style for the phonetic forms.


          We need two things to make that work:


          1. A "yes" to the question:

          Are all Unicode values of the phonetic font distinct from the Unicode values of the regular font?

          If yes, we could:


          2. Make a GREP representation of a list, or better: a range of Unicode values and apply a Character Style to it, when found. Could be a GREP Style in a Paragraph Style.


          To test this, just apply the base font to an already well formatted text with the phonetic font. If ALL glyphs showing as missing we are on the save side and could check for their Unicode range(s).



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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            How did you apply the character style in the headings? If it was a GREP or nested style in the paragraph style defintion, adding the same GREP or nested style to your TOC style definition should work. If you manually select text in the heading and apply the style (or local formatting override), those should carry through to the TOC without doing anyting. We usually get questions on how to REMOVE the style in the TOC.

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              KH Allstars Level 1

              Thank you to Laubender and Peter for speedy responses and helpful suggestions. I have not experimented with GREP, but will study up and see if it fits. This is one of those too short deadlines, so I may make the character/glyph corrections manually as it goes out the door. The project will undoubtedly be back for another round ... next time, for sure.