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    FormsCentral CC; Fonts

    jesc516 Level 1

      How can i choose the fonts installed in my laptop? It seems i am limited to 12 fonts. I would like to choose from the fonts installed on my laptop. This is on windows 8 laptop....


      Also, how can i center fields? I tried moving the field to the center using the hand but it just moves back to its original position on the left..



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          Genevieve Laroche Adobe Employee

          The only fonts available are the fonts listed in FormsCentral. You can't add font that that list.



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            jesc516 Level 1

            Well thats silly. I have a logo in the top area of the form that contains text and i would like to font match the title of the form (header) with the logo.... wouldnt it make sense to be able to use the fonts available on your pc/laptop???

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              jesc516 Level 1

              all fonts on your pc available on the next update? im paying monthly for adobe so why not right?

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                Genevieve Laroche Adobe Employee

                Sorry this is not something that we are currently looking to add to FormsCentral.

                As a workaround you can create images with the text and the font you want to use as section headings in your form.


                The fonts we offer are web safe fonts meaning that they can be displayed the same way on any web browser (any machine, device, OS...). The fonts that you have on your computer might not be available on your filler's machine when the are filling up your form. The form would look good on your machine but not on your filler's machine or device.



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                  Obviously this is a feature that many people want, I have seen numerous posts regarding changing fonts. Not every form created with FormsCentral is going to be viewed on the web, a lot of forms are used internally. I seriously think you should consider adding a feature to import your own fonts. If someone wants to do so, that should be their decision; I am a little bit upset at the fact that even though I paid for this software, I can't use it the way I want to use it.