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    why is adobe flash player not supported on asus fonepad?


      Im kind of dissapointed because i can't install it onto my fonepad,so im a bit limited,so i would like to ask when will you develop a flash player for android 4.0 and higher? Thank you in advance.

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          Mike M Level 6

          Your disappointment should be with:
          1. Android - because it was Android's decision to no longer support Flash Player. Adobe simply ended development for an operating system that no longer works with the technology. Android's reason was the same one Apple gave in 2006 for making their iOS incompatible with Flash Player.  Playing Flash content is very processor comsumptive and kills batteries prematurely in portable and mobile Android devices.
          2. The retailer who sold you the device - for NOT telling you something that has been known industry wide since July of 2012... basically that you cannot install Flash Player on an Android device anymore.



          As to your question - Adobe will not be developing or updating Flash Player for Android again. Android 5 will most likely be, like Appple's iOS, specifically incompatible with Flash technology.


          There are alternative browsers for Android that will play Flash content (videos mostly) without having  the plugin.


          See: "Why can't I install Flash Player on my Tablet?" (Kindle or Samsung Galaxy)  for recommendations and a link to the Android forums where you will find more info.