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    Transparent Gif Background?




      I've been trying to make a gif with a transparent background, however I've been having a few problems with it.


      While the gif does start fine and the background is transparent at the beginning, after a few frames the background color would come up and then after a few frames more it'll be transparent again, then colored again.


      It's really troubling since I've been stalking every forum I could find on the subject, however my research had deemed fruitless.


      The best I could find out is that when I change its palette on the 'Publish settings' to either Web 216 or Web Snap Adaptive--the background stays transparent! However in return, the colors of the gif turn really ugly. The only palette setting I could go with that won't ruin its colors is 'Adaptive' of course, but I really want it to be transparent and it would absolutely not give me that choice. The other option for the palette choice is Custom which also makes the background transparent--however I don't know what palette to use for it since even if I chose the photo itself as a palette resource the colors still come out undesireable. I'm not really sure what the best 'palette choice' is for custom. (do you have a specific file to use for that?)


      Anyways I would love it if I could get some help figuring this out! It seems simple enough, but I really can't for the love of me figure it out.