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    Distributing WebHelp

      I have created a WebHelp project and have compiled it.

      I need to distribute it amongst my programmers in order for them to check that it covers everything properly etc.

      The compiled project is in a folder, cointaining all the files etc. How can I distribute it so that people can open it and see it to check it.

      Thank you.
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          You don't compile webhelp, you generate it. You compile HTML Help into a single CHM file. The former is a collection of files and folders that would normally reside on a server. The latter is a single file that should be run from a local drive.

          If you only want the programmers to check content, rather than style and so on, then you could create a CHM file and they could check that. CHM files need to be on their PCs, not a network drive.

          If you do want them to see the final result, skin etc, then they need access to the webhelp. Put it on a server for them and give them a link to the start page as defined in the first page of the wizard. Or zip it up and let them do that. Make sure they extract the zip file properly to maintain the folder structure.

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            Aska555 Level 1
            Peter, thank you very much. These forums are a good source of knowledge!