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    I'm sorry, but I can't remember it for the life of me...

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      Hello, everyone!

      Nice to meet you all.


      I do apologize, but I've been re-reading some old documents of mine and I came across something I did that I can't remember how I did it.


      This marker ...



      ... allows me to mention anything at anywhere else in my book, complete with page number reference. It's not a bookmark, however. I vaguely recall something text anchors and how I could use them to make references to specific pages and words in different documents of a book.


      I've tried looking up exactly what it is because I want to recreate it, but all tutorials point me to different things.


      So, exactly what is this, how did I create it and how can I recreate it in my documents?


      I do apologize as I understand this is probably one of the oddest requests in the board. LOL!