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    save for web option greyed out?




      i'm not too sure but after the last one/two updates from the cc, i have been unable to click on the save for web option as it is greyed out. i've read this (http://forums.adobe.com/message/5242626#5242626). i am slightly blurry on the solution being said there. however, i have fixed around the permissions (as said in the solution) but again, i'm not very sure if i have done anything significantly right because i still can't save anything for web (nor can i open .gif).




      this is a screetshot of my user/library/preferences --> get info as well as the adobe save for web prefs. i've added 'admin' into the list and i've made it read & write. user had been read & write all along.


      i have no idea what's the issue still. i'm using a mac on mountain lion.