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    Where has InDesign CS6 gone and how can I get it back?

    therealrgbk Level 1

      As you know, InDesign CC on Mavericks is a mess atm, so I need to jump back to CS6 while things get better.

      Thing is, I can't find it, even though my cc app think i have it. So I can't install soemthing that CC thinks is already installed.


      When I first wanted to use it, it didnt show up in my app search (apple+space) so I went to my app folder, there i saw the folder, but all it had inside where two random folders, no actual app. So i figured it probably hadn't been installed correctly so trashed it. But CC still thinks I have it, even though I never did.


      What am I to do?


      See these pics:


      Screenshot 2013-11-10 16.07.22.png


      Screenshot 2013-11-10 16.06.57.png    


      Screenshot 2013-11-10 16.06.46.png