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    Storage for jpg, files and photoshop files??


      Premier elements.  How to store HUGE amount of one's notes(Word & Excel),  jpg, and Photoshop files away from computer to save memory??  Used Adobe's library, but now only accepts 50 files a month.

      Extremely low budget production.  High quality work.   Thanks for any suggestion

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          How does all this relate to Premiere Elements?


          By Adobe's library, I am assuming that you are referring to Adobe Revel. If so, you can get more storage space at Adobe Revel by upgrading your free membership (I believe that there is a fee associated with that).


          What I prefer to do is store such files on an USB 2.0 or 3.0 external hard drive which is formatted NTFS, not FAT32. These drives come in a variety of capacities, come in desktop of portable hand held types, and can be plug and play. You can look for these drives on sale. Probably can find 1 TB under $100.00 US dollars.


          Please review and consider.